Skin Care Services

“My facialist came across as incredibly comforting, and is extremely well versed in skincare. All her recommendations have saved my skin! Her facial massage was the best I have had.”Lisa K., Hermosa Beach

We’re As Serious About Skincare As We Are About Massage

Have you ever paid for a facial in Los Angeles only to get a 60 minute infomercial for the skin care line the esthetician was pushing that week? Or have you left at the end of a skin care treatment without really knowing what was done to your skin, or worse, feeling nothing was really done? The skin care practitioners at the Massage Therapy Center believe in a different philosophy of skin care.

At many spas in Los Angeles it’s up to you to pick your facial or skin care treatment from a menu of services. The problem with the typical LA day spa approach is that most people aren’t really sure which facial treatment would be best for them. If you’re like most clients, you will come in with a variety of skin care issues that one specialized treatment won’t be able to solve, even if you knew which one to pick.

That’s why your skin care practitioner will personalize your facial and skin care treatment for your skin’s specific needs. If you are acne prone, have dry skin, are concerned about aging, or have a combination of skin care issues, you never have to worry if you are booking the right style of treatment.

Just pick a 25 or 60 minute facial, decide if you want a boost like a peel (which will be customized in your session) and your esthetician will create a personal rejuvenating facial treatment just for you, based specifically on what your skin needs that day.

If you’re not sure ahead of time if you want a peel, your esthetician can make some suggestions and add the appropriate service for you at the time of your session.

Services Include

Bath Amenities

Spa Filtered Water

Eucalyptus Steam

Rainhead Showers

Free Parking

Spa Sandals

Resort Robes

Skincare Pricing*

  • Quick Fix Facial (25 Minute): $58
  • Fresh Face Facial (60 Minute): $115
  • Deluxe Facial (includes extra masque or peel) $159
  • 75 minute Super Deluxe Facial $198
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion: $44

302 Professional Skincare

302 Professional Skincare began in a rainforest community in the highlands of Guatemala over three decades ago at a coffee plantation shaded by an unusual variety of avocado trees. The workers in that community subsisted largely on the fruit and had few health problems and remarkable skin.

Thus began the research odyssey that still unfolds. Avocado is one of the so-called “complete foods” because of its nutritional density and has been popularized in folklore as beneficial for the skin. They take their name from but one of the exciting discovery compounds of that era, dubbed “302” for its molecular weight and invite you to participate in the many benefits of this remarkable extract.

302 Professional believes that the most common problem in skin esthetics is inflammation. It defeats every approach until it is overcome. Most patients/clients have inflammation as the root cause of their problem: in aging, acne and many subclinical (not visible) problems. Inflammation is often caused by metabolic overload – too much skincare = overload = inflammation.

The most common factor in adult skin inflammation is skin care products. At the cellular level, the Krebs cycle of energy formation for the cells is impaired by inflammation – or, as we have found, inefficiencies of the Krebs cycle support inflammatory activity. These inefficiencies are traced to poor cellular structure and signaling. It would appear there is a vicious circle and a question of which came first. Either way, 302 has found that by improving the Krebs cycle efficiencies they are able to overcome long standing, visible, inflammatory activity. Inflammation prematurely ages the skin, weakens it and dries it out.

302 Professional skincare products take a minimalistic and gentle approach to reverse this problem and then begin the process of rebuilding the skin.

TiZO Skincare

We all think of using sunblock to avoid sun damage, but TiZO have developed advanced day moisturizers designed to make the skin more resistant to sun damage, and help repair existing sun spots. TiZO’s AM Rejuvenation is designed to enhance their award-winning sunblock by delivering Niacinamide (Vitamin B-3) into the deeper layers of the skin to repair sun damage and acne scars, along with amino acids and osmanthus flower, a powerful antioxidant.